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People On Twitter.

 i was really excited about the MTVMA 2 days ago not so much fucking people on twitter whining about everything piss me off,
what if emma watson win? what if emma and daniel win ? "oh no pliss we want to see robsten kiss" wah wah wah .they are not gonna kiss they are not fucking jelena wtf people grow the fuck up! this is the reason people think twifans are nuts! for shit like this all the fucking time.
i just want to see kristen in a pretty dress looking flawless and fierce and rob being awkward,adorable and beautiful if they win awesome. if they lose is not the end of the world IS JUST THE MTVMA. and you are taking the fun out of it... oh and another thing that is pissing me off. is people saying that they hope R/K show affection at the redcarpet/awardshow. what the fuck ever leave them alone they should do want they want to do your obsession with them as a couple is sick. i mean i love them too but im not expecting anything from them tomorrow. they dont own you shit you are just a fan. 
at the end of the day nonsten and 60% robsten fans are fucking nuts and way too obsessed 
same shit different name.